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Vampiah 4 years ago 0
Alongside kills, kills per min, and accuracy would be great to see K/D Ratio. Would also be great to be able to sort the list via any of these criteria rather than just the kills only.
John Mulcahy 3 years ago 0
I hate Battlelog So Please Make something
Chad Wilson 4 years ago • updated by Bjorncs 4 years ago 1
Seems to be kills per hour rather than minute?
Bjorncs 4 years ago

Bug is confirmed. It will be fixed in next update. Thanks for the report!

hallokiller12345 4 years ago • updated by Simon Kent 4 years ago 2
missing the leaderboard from bf3 stats, wish it'd get added... then race for a nice spot
falkiiii 3 years ago 0
See header 
SilentAndLethal 4 years ago 0

I'd like to have a leaderboards tab wher you can see your divisions and so on
there was a similar one in bf3 stats which compared your abilities to the world

Simon Kent 4 years ago • updated by Bjorncs 4 years ago 0

Even though only Xbox One has this DLC currently, any chance you could update the app with the Assignments, Medals & Weapons for it? These are links to an Xbox One player where you can see everything related to Second Assault. Second Assault - Medals Second Assault - Assignments Second Assault - Weapons