list of victim of dog tags taken

S L Cheung 7 years ago updated by Mike Riverhorse Roberts 7 years ago 10
same as BF3 stat. list of victim that dog tags being taken
Got to have this loved it on the bf3 stats needs to be put in immediately. Please and thank you!!!
Is it possible to backdate tags taken? At the moment they don't persist.
Looking at my knife kills it does not match, under weapons its telling me 4 but under the new dog tag tab its telling me 7. I think there might be a bug. Game tag.. GHOST WARRIOUR.
Also my friends does not match. Great new tab though. Keep up the good work.
I am presenting the raw data from Battlelog. If there are any missing entries, its Battlelog's fault. There is sadly nothing I could do about it...
Can you please have the dogtags view 'list by player name' added? Like in battlefield 3 stats it didn't matter how many times you took their tags you could list all victims alphabetically. That's my only input. Other than that great app!