Contributing to the localization project

How to contribute

The localization project is managed through a collaborative web tool at The tool is currently setup with over 10 of the most popular languages. The web tool is open for everyone to participate. Translators who has delivered a major contribution to one or more translations will get the premium version of the app for free (see below for instructions). Major contributors should also give credit to themself in the section for the Google Play Store description.

This article is a short guide on how to participate and bring light on some important factors you should keep in mind when working with the translations.
  • Please send me an email if you want a test build of the app with your latest translation work incorporated. The translations needs to be tested in-app to make sure the text fit and make sense in its context. 
  • Be careful with the text length. Certain parts of the user interface are tailored to the length of the English text.
  • Don't remove meta characters. '\n' is for instance used to force line wrap.
  • The friend list description uses HTML formatting (to make some text larger, words bold etc, line wrap). Do not alter any of the tags if you are not 100% sure what you are doing.
  • Apostrophe characters must be terminated with a back slash: \'.
  • It is currently not possible to translate item description, like description for medals and assignments. We are currently investigating how to utilize the existing translations on the Battlelog website.

How to apply for free a premium version

  1. Send me an email where you stating which translation(s) you have contributed to and roughly the number of strings translated. Important: Include your Google email address which you have configured on your phone. This is needed for  authentication.
  2. Wait for reply from confirming that you have been granted access to the premium version.
  3. Go to app settings. Hit the last item (the one with the app name) 10 times. The number 10 should be shown briefly. You should then receive either ':)' if the registration was a success or ':(' if it wail. Make sure that you are connected to internet and have supplied the correct Google email address as stated above. Restart the app go get full premium access. 

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