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the app that does that is called battlefield stats and it does exactly what you're asking for

you sound like a big baby oh you're not going to be hearing from me no more because the app doesn't work great it's free you got kicked off a Google you got the premium version got kicked also and there's a lot of other things to be trying to work on them something that you can't promote and get a prophet for at least it still works I had the premium version for Battlefield 3 and I loved it so he needs to get on and start making a premium one for Battlefield 1

will you please unlock the premium unlock for this app please I purchased bf3 stats &premium key for bf3 now I cant find anywhere to get the key for bf4 stats

Your app has been removed from Google completely the premium also I purchased BF3 stats premium I think I should get BF4 stats premium for free since it's such a controversial app I can't find it anywhere