I would love to be able to compare weapon stats side by side similar to symthic.com

jayson casavant 11 years ago updated by Simon Kent 11 years ago 3
I am a stat junkie. I would love to be able to compare stats one weapon to another. There are some great sites out there for this but would love your app to include it.
Why not ask symthic for an app then? This app is a mirror of the bf4stats site, so it needs to be on there somewhat first & it's not, because that data belongs to symthic...
Simon, actually you can compare weapons on battlelog they just do not address it as nicely as symthic. I love bf stats and use it more often then battlelog. Just looking for an all encompassing experience..
Symthic should do an app then, as they work too hard to give the data to others. It'd be great to have everything we want in this app, but it's just not possible without people allowing it & I doubt symthic will give the data up...