Weapons - Overall Progress Bar

Simon Kent 10 years ago 0
In the Medals section part of the app, there is an overall progress bar, which is very helpful in showing how close you are to completing one. Is there any chance a progress bar could be added to the Weapons section? I know there is one once you "click" on a weapon, but a percentage display next to all the weapons would be quick and very helpful.

Whenever I go to the weapons area, I sort by kills, just to see how close a weapon is to 500 kills, i.e.. "mastery". Once I get to 500 kills, I then check the Battlepack area to see if that weapon has a battlepack left to unlock past 500 kills. A progress bar would eliminate this.

How? It would eliminate having to sort through weapons already completed to 100%, ie. 500 kills or more. If a weapon was at say 503 kills, the progress bar might show it at 99%, letting me know I still haven't unlocked the last battlepack for it yet. This data is already in the app, but hidden, as when you click on a weapon, it does list the Battlepacks & Accessories for it.

If this is possible, but if space is an issue, remove accuracy or kills/min from the weapons area.