Incomplete Tab - In Other Areas

Simon Kent 10 years ago 0
In the Assignments area, there is a tab at the bottom that you can click on which displays "All, Incomplete & Unlocked".

Is there any chance an "Incomplete" tab could be added to three other areas? If not all, then at least the priority order of Weapons > Vehicles > Medals.
How would this work?

A Weapon is complete when the last battlepack for it unlocks, thus with an Incomplete tab, you could eliminate all complete weapons instantly, making it easier to see which weapon you should work on next.

For Vehicles, they are considered complete once you hit 500 kills in them, as there are dogtags in the game for most vehicles once you get to 500 kills. A tab would eliminate these vehicles over 500 showing you what could be used next.

For Medals, they are considered complete once you get 5 of each, as just like vehicles, a dogtag is unlocked once you receive 5 of every medal in the game.

These types of ideas are dreams for completionists like myself, but would be very helpful, as I literally use this app more than any other on my phone & would gladly pay for a super premium membership for such a feature...