your program is not reporting the mortar kills that I received

Leonard Morais 10 years ago updated by Andrew Pohronezny 10 years ago 1
I have about 20 or 30 motor skills that are not being reported on battlefield 4 stats
Yes. When you look at the UCAV, AA MINE, EOD BOT, M224 MORTAR under weapons tab they are zeroed for stats. Didnt have time to get a kill w the ballistic shield or rawr. Under unlocks2 tab weapons page the ucav, aa mine, m224 mortar are under gadgets. Theyre zerod out in stats here too. The eod bot shood be added to this spot and the mav and suav shood be added to here n also the weapons tab. Also we should see the ballistic shield and suav in unlocks2's gadgets. Under unlock2 tab kit page the m224 mortar and eod bot also have zeroed stats.... u can only find correct stats when they in vehicles tab.

under unlocks 2 u need to clean up the weapons page. Under snipers remove the battle pickup rifles (all 3 M82A3 and all 3 AMR-2) and put them under battle pickup category. Also the 2 USAS-12 shotguns need be moved outa shotguns to battle pickups as well as m32 mgl from gadgets to battle pickups. Add rawr to this category too. Remove all m26 variants from shotgun move to gadgets. N like i said above the gadget category shood hav the m32 removed add the m26's AND M320s add eod bot mav suav and ballistic shield. Then now sniper and shotgun section will b cleaned up to hav only the shotgun default progression guns and assignment guns just like any other gun type. And the added battle pickup section will hav the m82a3's, amr-2's, usas-12's, m32 mgl, HVM-II, M136 CS, and rawr. Then everything will be in correct category. Also as said above add the mav and suav to weapons Tab. The vehicle tab has 2 HJ8 Launchers. One of them is obviously titled wrong..

also my 3X scope on my M1911 says its not unlocked... its unlocked.. DICE gave it to everyone