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could you please make a german translation ?

Sven Piller 4 years ago • updated by Bjorncs 4 years ago 1
Bjorncs 4 years ago
Added in update released 16th of January.

Amazing App...

Simon Kent 4 years ago • updated by Bjorncs 4 years ago 1

Just wanted to give my praise in regard to how good the app is. I bought the premium version right away & I use this app a lot each day. It's really good for completionists like myself & much better than battlelog...

Bjorncs 4 years ago
Thank you! Your support is much appreciated :)

Where has the app gone on Google play

Joe Jones 3 years ago • updated by Bjorncs 3 years ago 4

Is this app abondened?

John Bekx 2 years ago • updated by fmdazag 2 years ago 1
This app needs an update, it is now running several dlc's behind. Some wapons etc... are missing. Was worth the money but expected longer support.

Weapons - Overall Progress Bar

Simon Kent 4 years ago 0
In the Medals section part of the app, there is an overall progress bar, which is very helpful in showing how close you are to completing one. Is there any chance a progress bar could be added to the Weapons section? I know there is one once you "click" on a weapon, but a percentage display next to all the weapons would be quick and very helpful.

Whenever I go to the weapons area, I sort by kills, just to see how close a weapon is to 500 kills, i.e.. "mastery". Once I get to 500 kills, I then check the Battlepack area to see if that weapon has a battlepack left to unlock past 500 kills. A progress bar would eliminate this.

How? It would eliminate having to sort through weapons already completed to 100%, ie. 500 kills or more. If a weapon was at say 503 kills, the progress bar might show it at 99%, letting me know I still haven't unlocked the last battlepack for it yet. This data is already in the app, but hidden, as when you click on a weapon, it does list the Battlepacks & Accessories for it.

If this is possible, but if space is an issue, remove accuracy or kills/min from the weapons area.

Incomplete Tab - In Other Areas

Simon Kent 4 years ago 0
In the Assignments area, there is a tab at the bottom that you can click on which displays "All, Incomplete & Unlocked".

Is there any chance an "Incomplete" tab could be added to three other areas? If not all, then at least the priority order of Weapons > Vehicles > Medals.
How would this work?

A Weapon is complete when the last battlepack for it unlocks, thus with an Incomplete tab, you could eliminate all complete weapons instantly, making it easier to see which weapon you should work on next.

For Vehicles, they are considered complete once you hit 500 kills in them, as there are dogtags in the game for most vehicles once you get to 500 kills. A tab would eliminate these vehicles over 500 showing you what could be used next.

For Medals, they are considered complete once you get 5 of each, as just like vehicles, a dogtag is unlocked once you receive 5 of every medal in the game.

These types of ideas are dreams for completionists like myself, but would be very helpful, as I literally use this app more than any other on my phone & would gladly pay for a super premium membership for such a feature...

view assignments like in bf3

Limes Hole 4 years ago • updated by Bjorncs 4 years ago 0
In the last app we were able to see what we had to do, and or progress for each assignment.
Bjorncs 4 years ago

Added in version 1.12


Dogtags tab and DMR, Carbines and Shotguns not as equipment

SilentAndLethal 4 years ago • updated by Bjorncs 4 years ago 0
I would really like to have a "Dogtags" tab like in BF3 stats.
And i would like to see the DMR, Carbines and Shotguns in the Weapons tab and not in the Equipment tab
Bjorncs 4 years ago

Fixed in 1.30


Progression Bar - Game Modes & Vehicles

Simon Kent 4 years ago • updated by Bjorncs 4 years ago 0

One of the best features in the "Overview" section is the progression bars for soldier classes, showing how close you are till the next service star. Any chance we could get the same for Game Modes & Vehicle service stars?