Incorrect Weapon Stats Displayed, Literally Shown as "Value"

robb213 10 years ago updated by Bjorncs 10 years ago 2
Ever since the latest update, actual weapon user-properties are displayed as "Value" rather than an actual number (See picture). Also, weapons are randomly marked as 500 kills left to go, with always 20 service stars. Basically, the picture below is how many other weapons are displayed, aside from the actual weapon picture and weapon properties (damage, etc).

This PDW-R for instance: I don't even have it unlocked since I never use PDWs. I picked a PDW-R up once and got 5 kills with it. If anything, I'm only 5% to my first service star with it, with only 5 kills.

Once in awhile, after continuously backing in and out, I can get the actual numerical values to load in, as well as the correct "Progress towards next ... ".

Does Battlelog for Android and Battlelog PC display the right values?
Yes, they both do.

Player name?

What else does this happen with?
I know it can happen with all primary/secondary receivers, launchers, knives, equipment (C4/Claymore), and grenades. I cannot reproduce it with vehicles (sea/land/air).

How often can you replicate it?

I'd say 80% of the time.

Image 1
Thanks for your report. I will look into the issues asap.
Bug found and fixed! I will be released with an update coming one of the next days. Thanks for this accurate bug report.