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K/D Ratio for each weapon in weapons tab

Vampiah 4 years ago 0
Alongside kills, kills per min, and accuracy would be great to see K/D Ratio. Would also be great to be able to sort the list via any of these criteria rather than just the kills only.

big cash maker for you if you hurry up and do a bfh app

John Mulcahy 3 years ago 0
I hate Battlelog So Please Make something

KPM calculation is wrong

Chad Wilson 4 years ago • updated by Bjorncs 4 years ago 1
Seems to be kills per hour rather than minute?
Bjorncs 4 years ago

Bug is confirmed. It will be fixed in next update. Thanks for the report!


leaderboard for... everything

hallokiller12345 4 years ago • updated by Simon Kent 4 years ago 2
missing the leaderboard from bf3 stats, wish it'd get added... then race for a nice spot

pls add cruise missile kills as commander in stats :)

falkiiii 4 years ago 0
See header 

division/leaderboards tab

SilentAndLethal 4 years ago 0

I'd like to have a leaderboards tab wher you can see your divisions and so on
there was a similar one in bf3 stats which compared your abilities to the world


Second Assault DLC - Assignments, Medals & Weapons

Simon Kent 4 years ago • updated by Bjorncs 4 years ago 0

Even though only Xbox One has this DLC currently, any chance you could update the app with the Assignments, Medals & Weapons for it? These are links to an Xbox One player where you can see everything related to Second Assault. Second Assault - Medals Second Assault - Assignments Second Assault - Weapons