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Add winning percentage

Albert Trinh 4 years ago 0
Currently you only show win:loss ratio. Battlelog shows wins/(wins+losses)

Fault in description

John Betzema 4 years ago 0
If you look at unlock2 》kits 》 assault 》 combat medic 》level 3 and 4 they should be 4 and 3
Thnx for this Lovely app and keep it going !

no match found when finding my tag name

mike jackson 4 years ago • updated 4 years ago 2
When I search up my tag name its telling me no match found, same with my brothers tag. Could you have a look into this for me please.

unlocks 2 is reporting incorrectly

jayson casavant 4 years ago 0
Unlocks 2 is listing weapons incorrectly. For example it lists the svd as a pdw, it lists rifles as hand grenades and those weapons unlocked via assignments report 1/1 but do not show as completed.

Nlc goo

Yazeed G Al 4 years ago 0

could you please make a hungarian translation?

Bence Rémik 4 years ago 0
A little ask from central europe, we have 10 million of us:)

Crash report

Jeremy Ivers 4 years ago 0
Running the newest update on Samsung galaxy s3,can't get past unlock 1 without a crash report...


candyyup 4 years ago 0
Can't you add the battlepack's guy's its the same 1st login to battlelog to open it, come on guy's!

The Unknown Knife

AquaAlpha 4 years ago 0
The Unknown Knife is named "Improvisiert" in German.


jason leonhardt 4 years ago • updated by Bjorncs 4 years ago 1
The vehicle unlocks dont update correctly. The tugs dont show spots. The repair tool doesn't show kills. The mortar doesnt show kills either