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Pauli Bertl 4 years ago 0
Everytime i Start the app and want to go to weapons, I swipe through the tabs. When it comes to the friends tab, the app just crashes.

Longest headshot stat is wrong

Ian Ramsay 4 years ago 0
My longest headshot is 203.62 according to your app but I have 4 marksman ribbons which are headshot of 250. Please fix as this was the reason I bought the app, big bragging rights with the guys at work and need proof

The equipment tab could use some work

Homage 3 years ago 0
 The only two things that are showing ate the health and ammo bags. The rest read 0

Widget themes

Henning Berlin 4 years ago 0
How about Widget Themes, like Transparency or other colours or custom theming? Would be great, cheers

no player found

mike jackson 4 years ago • updated 4 years ago 2
when trying to look up my tag its telling me no player found. Could you please please sort this 😁

Different service star targets

NissanElvis 4 years ago 0
Collecting clan stats and noticed a few guys with same amount of class serv stars have different targets to next star? or am I missing something

Negative Accuracy

Audi oPhil 4 years ago 0
Bf4Stats says I have an accuracy of -3,1% ...
Am I that bad, that my accuracy is negative? :D

Greetings, Audi

Win/loss ratio back!

rayan rassouli 4 years ago 0
I want the win/loss ratio back!