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app failing

beaulyn 4 years ago 0
Afternoon chaps..since dragons teeth my app has been going wrong...losing images..I noticed the last update should of sorted this out but it hasn't..it's probably made it worse..it is obviously a problem that needs looking at..thank you..


nco_koj@hotmail.com 3 years ago • updated 3 years ago 1

Add suggestions for weapons equipment which can be unlocked soon

Flatouille 3 years ago 0

As seen in Battlelog, could you add a feature allowing to see what is the weapon equipement likely to be unlocked soon?


Tier Ranking

Kevin Black 3 years ago 0
I would love to be able to view tier ranking on here. Otherwise, awesome app, very well done!


mike jackson 4 years ago • updated by Bjorncs 4 years ago 2
could you add the platoon tab so people can see what level there platoon is at an who is in the platoon.
Bjorncs 4 years ago
Simon Kent gave an accurate explanation why this feature cannot be implemented.


beaulyn 3 years ago • updated by August williams (COFFIN-FILLER 8 months ago 1
It's simple...where have all the dog tags gone..this app has gone down hill..nothing works properly .you won't be hearing from me anymore as I won't have this heap of shit anymore..

Where are you getting the data from?

Özhan Kaya 4 years ago • updated by Bjorncs 4 years ago 0

Was just wondering where you were getting the data from. bf4stats doesn't provide an API yet from what I've seen

Bjorncs 4 years ago

From Battlelog


EOD bot Mcom armed stats.

Puttipatch Leelukkanaveera 4 years ago • updated by Simon Kent 4 years ago 1
That should be great for rush players :D

Progression towards service star tab (guns and vehicles)

Harm Veenstra 4 years ago • updated by Bjorncs 4 years ago 1